Bronze caster Peter Jensen was awarded the 2008 Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal with the following recomendation

Through thousands of year, hand and spirit, theory and practice, the artistic idea converted through craft into material, the development of the visual arts and the development of craftsmanship/technology have existed together. Modernism saw the break-up of this unity, but even in modern times the most excellent new departures in the world of art often happen in interaction with craftsmanship/theory.

In order to preserve the multiplicity of art, it is essential that the craftsmanship is in an ongoing process of development and that it exists in the art of today. Bronzestøberiet Leif Jensen was founded in 1971 by bronze caster Leif Jensen, who carried on the tradition from Rasmussens Bronzestøberi. In 1996, bronze caster Peter Jensen took over the foundry and continues as second generation the experience, the skills and the tradition.

Leif Jensens Bronzestøberi restores and maintains an important part of our cultural heritage and at the same time works with both young and older sculptors. Owing to bronze caster Peter Jensen’s great craftsman skills, the ability of the foundry to work for the cultural heritage and at the same time develop the craft and be part of an inspiring co-operation with performers of contemporary art, he is awarded the Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal.

Council of the Royal Danish Art Academy, Award Committee